Tax Expertise and Software Solutions for Real Estate Investment Funds


photo of a balance sheetA Real Estate Fund, which had invested in several properties in New York and California, was in the process of liquidating. The partnership consisted of approximately 4000 taxable and
tax-exempt partners. Because the Fund was liquidating, they needed high quality tax services, while facing cost reductions and staff shortages.

The Fund needed the following issues resolved including:

  • Production of Schedule K-1s and investor cover letters.
  • K-1 packages distributed to investors on the Fund's behalf.
  • Electronically prepared and filed partnership income tax returns.


From the moment the Fund Controller called, Wilson was able to put together a cost-effective solution for each step of the process.  In order to create quality Schedule K-1s, the intricate web of ownership and transaction data needed to be managed with care.  Wilson contacted the Tax Manager at the CPA firm, as well as the investor services firm, and worked closely with each to maintain accurate unit holder information and process transfers of ownership. We also gathered data including names, current addresses, number of units held, ownership information, taxable status and more. 

Through custom technology solutions, Wilson was able to take complicated sets of data from both firms, and merge them with precision, to generate the Schedule K-1s.  We also returned a sampling to the CPA firm for review, along with quality assurance reports.  In addition to quality checks and processing the K-1s, we designed a personalized cover page with the Fund's logo and signature of the general partner—to be distributed to investors on the Fund's behalf.

Finally, as part of our service, Wilson took the partnership income tax return and merged it with the Schedule K-1 information.  We then electronically filed the return with the Internal Revenue Service. We also facilitated the filing of California and New York returns with the appropriate authorities.

By combining our real estate investment fund knowledge with our scalable software solutions, Wilson was able to provide high-quality, trusted solutions at half the cost of a bigger firm.

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